Review of the amazing memory foam Pillow as seen on TV

I see the Total Pillow on almost every international flight I work. They really are the best support pillow I have ever seen. I would also like to add cushion here as well.

With the hours I work and as a busy mom I dont get a chance to relax in front of the TV and watch my favorite shows. So I dont see many TV commercials.

From all of the Total Pillows / memory foam pillow I am seeing on airline flights I think I am the only person who didnt know about them.


FY-Living Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow with Breathable Holes for Sleeping Cool

Passengers have really struggled to find a good neck, lower back and leg support solution. They will do about anything to get comfortable. I have seen some crazy things. I noticed a few months ago a new pillow that passengers really love. It is called the Total Pillow.

After seeing them on almost every flight in the first class, business and coach cabins I started to ask about it. Passengers said they had seen them on TV and bought them online.

Once I started asking about the pillow passengers wouldnt stop talking about it. They absolutely loved them! Since I am on the same flights and want to get comfortable too I decided to buy some and try them out on board and at home with my children.

Of course the first places I looked for them was where I normally do my shopping at Walgreen, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

I actually found the lowest price, best selection, 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and the free hot/cold compress gift on the Total Pillows official website. It was the best deal I found so that is whe

Total Pillow Neck Support:

I had an expensive “memory foam” bed pillow that I have not been very happy with. I think it might work great if I only sleep on my back but I move between my back and my side all night so it didnt work well. It also seems to have gone “flat”.

I decided to give the Total Pillow a try and see if it would help support my neck better than my memory foam pillow. It took me a couple of tries to learn how to adjust it but as soon as I set it where it felt comfortable it supported both my head and neck. I felt like I was resting on a cloud.

What I love about the Total Pillow is that you can twist it or shape it to fit your body. My old pillow was a “one size fits all” type of style. There was no way to adjust it. I have found with the Total Pillow I can adjust it to give me more or less support on my neck or head. It is great!

Total Pillow Knee Support:

Since they were offering a two for one deal when I purchased mine I did get two pillows. Without really thinking about it I put the second pillow between my knees when I rolled over on my side in bed. Wow! What a difference that made. It really took the pressure off of my knees and stopped my knees from rested on each other and hurting. It is so comfortable. I feel like I have discovered a whole new comfortable way to sleep now.


I have to run and catch a flight right now but I wanted to let you know my experience and the feedback I got from my passengers. The Total Pillow really is a dream come true in finding a comfortable, adjustable support pillow for necks, knees, lower backs and ankles. They work great at home or traveling.

I highly recommend the Total Pillow. If you are considering buying a Total Pillow you might want to visit their website and see if you can still get the two for one deal with the free hot/cold compress. I am sure you will love it too.


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